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Vending Machines Can Be So Enticing To Children

Don’t overlook vending machine sales to children or you will miss a very important part of the market. They love to be able to buy items such as candy, gum, toys, and stickers from vending machines. They may save up their money to spend in them or they can ask their parents to provide it for them.

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Parents are often very lenient when it comes to giving their children a couple of quarters to spend in vending machines. They may remember how much fun they had with such items when they were a child. They may be trying to continue encouraging very good behavior while they are out in public. A promised purchase at a vending machine can do wonders in this department.

Plenty of these types of vending machines add special effects to be appealing as well. We often go to a Mexican food restaurant were there is a gumball machine. After the money is inserted it lights up. The gum spirals down the lights and kids really do look forward to that part of it as much as the gum.

Children love to win prizes and to play games too. There are some vending machines where the gum comes out like on a pinball machine. You can play the game by pressing the flippers on the sides. When you miss and the gum falls through you still get to claim it and walk away. Some vending machines have special prizes on marked items too that come out.

Pay attention to what kids are interested in and you will do well. It can change rapidly but being on top of it will help your profits soar. For example they tend to follow the newest celebrities. Many of them love sports themes too. Little girls always enjoy the jewelry found in vending machines.

There are plenty of different things you can fill up the vending machines with besides candy. Many parents would prefer that their child buys those things instead of a handful of candy that is full of sugar. You can easily find a variety of such items to fill up your vending machines with. If certain items aren’t selling well then you will want to try something else in its place.

When you know something is moving rapidly through a vending machine you want to make sure you continue to keep it stocked. If you let it run dry you will be losing out on the potential of more sales. Don’t worry about your inventory as these items aren’t going to have an expiration date. You can simply keep adding them as things are selling well.

Vending machines can be very appealing to children if you work hard to stock them with attractive products. Since these types of vending machines are found indoors you also don’t have to worry as much about vandalism or theft. You may find you have quite a bit of competition though depending on your locations.

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